Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Crowd Fund

According to Russia Today this account is funded by US Intelligence and my trolls will tell you George Soros kicks in some cash. But the reality is this account functions without the financial backing of the CIA.

The crowd fund is at this link

The one thing the Kremlin cannot take is being laughed at. If the public cannot tell the Kremlin's message apart from a so-called parody, it tells you something, which is why they tried to shut down this account last summer.
Exposing their disinformation and lies to public ridicule takes time and effort. Although my trolls will tell you this account is funded by some shadowy Soros-linked organization, the truth is no one gets paid for tweeting and blogging by anyone.
Your help is needed to keep this going or reality will bite and the tweets will have to slow right down. Please consider donating through this crowd fund.
Thanks, and may your tea never glow in the dark.
You'll get an email from and a payment to Axiom through PayPal.