Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who & What shot down MH17

The Official unbiased investigation into the downing of MH17 which proves that it was  CIA plot to discredit Russia

Bellow is the Kremlin’s official version of events leading up to the downing of MH17, taken from open sources, conspiracy theorists, flat earthers and assorted fringe lunatics.

The Beginnings

The story of MH17 starts not when it was shot down in July but some weeks before on 8 March 2014 when the CIA began an operation to hijack flight MH370 which departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing.

Without anyone’s knowledge, this massive, complex operation went off without a hitch and the entire load of passengers, after being killed, were successfully moved into a large aircraft fitted with freezers big enough to hold 239 bodies before being flown to a secret location. The MH370 Boeing 777 aircraft was disposed of and the navies of several countries were either in on the plan to not find the wreck or too stupid to locate it.

During this period, the bodies from MH370 were genetically altered using as yet unexplained scientific methods to change those from that crash (mostly Chinese) to match the ethnicities required for the passengers of MH17 (mostly Dutch) so that it was obvious they came from different aircraft.

From 9 March 2014 until shortly before 17 July 2014, these now genetically altered bodies were stored without anyone knowing about this secret operation in an undisclosed location.

The bodies were then thawed out, dressed appropriately, given the needed personal effects and placed inside MH17 ready for the when the CIA would shoot down this aircraft to discredit Russia.  The CIA were also able to find over 200 hundred people who would be prepared to board MH17 in Amsterdam so there would be no suspicion of an empty aircraft taking off. These people were also prepared to then, in full view of the public, somehow get off MH17 so its load of dead bodies could take off.  The CIA has been able to keep this aspect of the operation totally secret as part of its plan to discredit Russia.

It was during this time that the “rebels” would start to admit having a BUK system so that they could later deny having one to point out Ukraine’s plan to discredit Russia.

Shortly after the crew of MH17 took off on their suicide mission, a Spanish air traffic controller whom no one has been able to identify or locate started speaking to a Ukrainian air force pilot of similar mystery.

This pilot took off in an SU25, which, in order to confuse people, is an aircraft that cannot fly as high as, or as fast as, a Boeing 777 and has no ability to shoot down other aircraft.  Aware of this issue, this SU 25 somehow morphed, using technology the American CIA developed for Soviet aircraft but have not given to US aircraft, into an SU27 which was able to fire a missile that is too big for it carry so it could hit the front of MH17, rather than the engine mounted wings which a small air-to-air missile would aim for. This was a cunning deception to make it seem like a large, ground launched SAM (using CLOS guidance to steer it) to explode in front of the target had in fact shot down MH17 and not the small missile from a SU25/27.  It also meant that the pilots would be killed instantly and this unable to transmit a mayday call. It also meant that an air-to-air missile, that would've hit an engine, igniting the fuel and incinerating the aircraft was not used as it was clear that the mountain of evidence left behind would discredit Russia.

“This was done to discredit Russia”
Ukraine cunningly shot down MH17 with a type of air to air missile that it doesn’t have,
In parallel to this, the CIA were able to procure a BUK missile launcher, crew it with Moscow accented Russian speaking men who knew how to operate it, cross “rebel” lines during a war undetected so as to appear to all that they were in fact from Russia with Moscow accents.  As the BUK system requires targeting info from a command vehicle, they were able hack into this system to receive the needed data and pose on the radio system as a “rebel” unit to avoid suspicion.  They then appeared to deliberately use it to shoot down MH17 and not the cargo plane that was also in the area.  All this was done cunningly to discredit Russia to make to seem as if a SU25/27 shot down MH17 to discredit Russia.

After pretending to shoot down MH17, this CIA unit were able to then travel with this BUK back through “rebel” lines to remove the evidence and also arrange for the field to be ploughed in the middle of a war-zone so there were no track or burn marks. The entire of the Ukraine army in the area knew of this plan and knew not to shoot at this particular BUK vehicle, now carrying one missile less.  The CIA we able to convince the “rebels” to place a vehicle the same size as a BUK under a cover and send it back to Russia on a truck.  This was to make it look like Russia had sent the BUK into “rebel” territory so as to discredit Russia.

"The CIA we able to convince the “rebels” to place a vehicle the same size as a BUK under a cover and send it back to Russia on a truck.  This was to make it look like Russia had sent the BUK into “rebel” territory so as to discredit Russia."

Meanwhile, the crew of MH17, knowing that the aircraft was full of dead bodies and was going to be shot down, had no way of escaping during flight were, nonetheless, were prepared to die in this operation to discredit Russia.

They were also very busy changing the paint scheme on the outside of MH17 while inside and in flight so that was different from when the flight took off.  They did this as they were aware that a Russian satellite would capture, in real time, (and with what were deliberate, massive scale errors of a plane flying at over 30,000 feet) the instant the SU25 / SU27 fired the missile that is too large for it to carry.  This be a double bluff designed to make it look like we were deliberately discrediting Russia by showing what appears to be a crude photoshop of an aircraft whose paint scheme had in fact changed mid flight but is fact the best “evidence” we have.

It is thought by some that MH17 was NOT shot down by an aircraft that cannot fly as high as a 777 but in fact was shot down by a 23mm radar guided gun that cannot shoot as high as 777 was.  This radar guided system, with an operational range of 2500 meters was able to shoot an aircraft flying at 10,000 meters after it crossed through “rebel” lines & integrated into the “rebel” command & control net in a similar manner to that described above. This explains the obvious damage to the front pieces of MH17.

Whether shot down by an aircraft that can’t fly that high or fast, or by a morphing aircraft with a missile it can’t carry, or by a radar guided gun that cannot shoot that high, the fact remains that on the ground shortly after MH17 fell to earth with the genetically modified, three month old corpses in it, a “rebel” would double bluff the CIA’s attempt to discredit Russia by claiming in a tweet that they shot down MH17. This would be an extended part of a double bluff beginning 4 months previous when there was strong suspicion that Ukraine would undertake an operation like this with the CIA.  In such an operation it was feared Ukraine would, as its part of the effort to discredit Russia, work to deny itself a major battlefield advantage against the “rebels” by shooting down its own aircraft from May (see picture below), whilst the genetically modified bodies from MH370 were being stored. The “rebels” would continue to double bluff the Ukrainians by claiming they were shooting down aircraft with man-pads “bought from a shop” whereas in fact it is clear that Ukraine was shooting its own aircraft down.

"Ukraine would, as its part of the effort to discredit Russia, work to deny itself a major battlefield advantage against the “rebels”"

Immediately after MH17 crashed, several phone calls would take place by men with Russian accents discussing that “rebels” had in fact shot down the aircraft with the BUK they lied about having.  These calls were released by the CIA to make it look like Russian backed “rebels” were involved.  Despite Russia’s massive intelligence penetration of Ukraine and our proclivity for releasing hacked phones calls that make the USA look bad, we have decided not to release the phone records we have which show this was in fact a Ukrainian operation to discredit Russia.  It is absolutely NOT because such calls do not exist.

The culmination of this double bluff was to ensure the integrity of the evidence of the MH17 crash site by preventing international observers from viewing the site for weeks and allowing locals to loot the wreckage for anything of value.  This was not being done to remove any parts of the crash or to plant missile components with “property of the CIA” stamped on them.

So you see, there is no evidence it was Russia or the “rebels” at all.

Stop the Press

We just found the radar evidence we said we didn't have cos we weren't required to keep it and we didn't it as we had the satellite pictures of the SU25/27 with the Israeli missile.  Turns out you need to forget about that and also Carlos the Air Traffic Controller who has never been seen or the Ukrainian ground crew who reported an aircraft minus 1 air-to-air missile.  It turns out it WAS a BUK.

But it was a BUK of the type Russia got rid of in the 90s. Here you can see me in a picture at a Russian airbase taken in Dec 2013 years ago showing me in front of the missiles we have not had since the 90s.